The Uniontown church of Christ first assembled for worship on November 13, 1960, in the old YMCA building located downtown.  The seven founding members, who had previously assembled with the Connellsville church of Christ, were: Thomas and Gween Condon, Robert and Russel Oliver, Neil DeCarlo, Mary Jaroz, and Charles Gatts, who served as the vocational minister until December 17, 1967.  During this time two others, Chester S. Perhacs and his son Roger, a student at California (PA) University, often served as guest speakers.   The first full-time minister was James (Jim) F. Johnson, whose work was supported, in part by the Morgantown church of Christ ($100 weekly). 

Jim and Pat Johnson along with their three daughters, Marlys, Debbie and Jennifer, moved from Saint Mary’s, WV to Uniontown in July 1968.  The congregation continued to meet at the YMCA on Sunday mornings but on Sunday and Wednesday evenings they began meeting at the Johnson’s home, located on Johnson Avenue.  Four months later, the church moved its Sunday morning worship to a storefront on East Main Street.  Its permanent location had already been secured. 

In March of 1969, the congregation began leveling the lots (purchased in July 1967 for $5,700) and performing the work of excavation.  The basement was completed in June of 1969 at a cost of $35,269.62.  However, the first assembly did not take place until July 27, 1969.  The auditorium was added in the spring of 1970 and completed in July 1971.  The total cost of the building was $108,936.50 of which $49,136.50 was contributed by individuals and sister congregations with an additional $59,800 note secured from First National Bank of Cameron, WV.  This was paid off in less than 15 years and burned on December 20, 1987.